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Welcome to Not Safe Media - an independent podcast network featuring a cast of creators, leaders, seriously big ideas, and seriously funny people. We're the worlds first and only "network" of podcasts.

Hot Girl Agenda

Rara Imler & Yesi Padilla

We talk politics, theory, direct action, pop culture, and history, all through an anti-capitalist, femme critique. Featuring left-wing community organizers, activists, entertainers, and anyone we think is funny online. 

Sentai Truther Club

GRAV & Kennedy Cooper

This started with a simple passion - the Power Rangers. Most people stopped early - but Grav and Kennedy decided to go deeper. We go through the entire history of this historic Tokusatsu episode by episode. And we refuse to learn any moral lessons.

Gay Space Communism

Cory, Rachel, Amy, Paul

Gay Space Communism pulls at the brightly colored threads of Gene Roddenberry's utopian vision, dares to ask if Star Trek is West Wing for Commies, and exposes Risa as Starfleet's Horny Jail. Cory, Rachel, Amy, Paul, and guests explore The TRUE Final Frontier: post-capitalism. Engage!

Velvet Butcher Shop

Kennedy Cooper and Joe B.

Monday through Friday - Kennedy and Joe take a soft touch on hard subjects. We're looking at the best, worst, and weirdest of culture and comedy. 

Lore & Logistics

Alissa Vierra

History doesn't just exist in the past - it resonates in the choices society makes today. Lore and Logistics dives into historical events through their modern analogues. 

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On our discord, you're the star - check out our fast growing community. We're mostly complaining about what we read on Twitter - but 24 hours a day.

Some of my favourite episodes

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Some of our favourite guest speakers

Sarah Glover

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Adam Stolls

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Flaco Garcia

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Fredrika Ekland

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Jane Doles

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Luka Bojan

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Join The Discord!

On our discord, you're the star - check out our fast growing community. We're mostly complaining about what we read on Twitter - but 24 hours a day.

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As the world's first and only podcast network, we are burdened with a great and undefined responsibility.

We do our best to ignore that responsibility - every single day. It's our promise to you.

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