Episode 4: Return To Wokeback Mountain

Is criticism of Nancy Pelosi like domestic abuse? Maybe a little bit?

We climb up from a pile of strongly worded letters and try to figure out the direction the Dems are going in. Why can’t we all just get together to fight Trump? Is the Justice Dem strategy fundamentally at odds with the Mainstream Dem power structure?

The real world stakes. We try to reach for love – and do really poorly. How can you pay attention to this without turning into a white hot ball of rage?

Also, the Pelosi Defender has logged on: we also read an INCREDIBLE article from Maureen Dowd about her ideal vision of the Pelosi/AOC relationship. We dive into why it sucks.

QUICK NOTE: While Pelosi wasn’t in the gym with Obama, she did support him during the superdelegate stuff vs Hillary. Back then, it wasn’t nothing. Also nobody defected to Trump during his Obamacare repeal campaign – and her work there was An Extremely Good Thing. We’re super reasonable.




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