Episode 5: Reply Guys, But For Architecture

Our attempts to be “reply guys” actually bears a little fruit.

We learn a lot about the conservative clapback machine, “cultural purity tests”, the realistic hopes of reform and Disney live action remakes. 


What’s driving fears about the Justice Democrats? The electoral college and how realistic reform is, Yeet The Vote, et cetera.

Marianne chat: why so much visceral resistance? How much of politics are based on cultural “purity tests?”

Who deserves to get blamed when Democrats lose? Is it ethical to support a third party with the stakes being this high?

Also, Marianne literally owns Dave Rubin with facts and logic – we talk about a video that’s a much see no matter where you are on the political spectrum. You LOVE to see it. 

We leave politics altogether and talk about live action remakes. Notre Dame hot takes (yes, there’s still room for them!) go in a really weird direction. 

And we also completely forget about Raul Grijalva. 🙁

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