Episode 42: We’re All Fighting the Same Fight (w/ Shaniyat Chowdhury)

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Shaniyat Chowdhury is the Brand New Congress-backed candidate for New York’s 5th Congressional district, looking to unseat a moderate democrat with a bold progressive agenda. We were lucky enough to sit down with Shan for a remarkable interview, filled with incredible stories and exciting visions for the future. We talk about economics, public housing, criminal justice reform, working on AOC’s staff, and much more. Shan’s ideas for what he’ll do when he’s in congress are as much needed as they are rooted in the realities we are facing in this country.Don’t forget to give Shan’s campaign your support, after you listen we know you’ll agree he deserves it:https://twitter.com/Shaniyat2020https://shaniyat2020.comhttps://brandnewcongress.org/Shaniyat-Chowdhury

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