Epsiode 47: #RefundPete and Give It To Chris (/w Chris Armitage)

Have you ever wondered what an interview that was as off-the-rails as a regular episode would be? Chris Armitage, Congressional Candidate for Washington’s 5th district and professional comedian, did us the honor of helping us make just such an episode. We cover a lot of very interesting topics including pieces of much-needed legislation Chris is collaborating with other future law-makers on, the dishonesty in old-guard politics, being LGBT in the military and more.But we ALSO go off the rails into topics like “Dumbledore in a MAGA Hat” and other wonderful phrases you can only get in this incredible interview.Don’t forget to #RefundPete and follow/support Chris Armitage:https://twitter.com/RealArmihttps://armitageforcongress.com

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