Episode 55: Capitalism Is Cringe (with Lauren Ashcraft)

Lauren Ashcraft has gone on an incredible journey to become a candidate for New York’s 12th district. Once you’ve spent an hour with her, you might want that journey to go one step further.

  • How campaign finance sets the stage for war. 
  • Changing campaign finance to keep all money from corporate PACs out of elections.
  • Creating a national public transportation system.
  • Lauren’s journey to socialism.
  • What she can say to people considering Joe Biden.
  • How a Lauren/Bernie team can help an intersectional women’s rights movement. 
  • Andrew Yang’s karaoke fundraiser, and how to get Lauren to sing the Hamilton soundtrack for YOU.  

All that and a LOT more – you gotta listen and good. ==> https://laurenashcraft.com/==> http://twitter.com/VoteAshcraft==> http://patreon.com/notsafe

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