Episode 63: Translating Love Into Politics (with Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs)

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At long last we are so excited to bring you an interview with one of 2020’s most fascinating and unexpected political figures, Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs. Paperboy Prince is a fashion icon, rapper, and candidate for Congress in New York’s 7th district.We talked about all kinds of stuff including:

  • Affordable Housing and Gentrification
  • A New Type of Community Center
  • Spreading Love as a Political Process
  • Using Technology to Improve Politics and Increase Representation
  • Plus: Conspiracy Theories, Being Your Own Fashion Hero, and MORE!

Get Involved with Paperboy Prince:https://twitter.com/PaperboyPrincehttp://paperboyprince.com/policy/of-the-suburbs/https://secure.actblue.com/donate/paperboy

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