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As we return to our regularly scheduled programming, Aaron (@thotteusstevens) sits down with Jamie Peck (@jamie_elizabeth) — writer, organizer, and co-host of The Antifada — for a long-awaited interview about everyone’s favorite letters of the alphabet: DSA, AOC, CIA, PSL, NPR, etc. 

Along the way, they provide a primer on dual power: what it is, how we build to it, and whether or not it’s possible in the United States. They also discuss the founding principles of a communist party, new horizons in leftist media, new challenges in police abolition, what comes next, and _what is to be done. _

How did we get so fucked up, and how do we unfuck the world? 

Suggested Reading:
When the Wave Crashes by Jamie Peck (Commune) Everyday Ruptures: Putting Basebuilding on a Revolutionary Path by Teresa Kalisz (Regeneration)

Suggested Listening:
The Antifada, Ep 138 – Spring Break Forever w/ Jake Flores

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