April Rose

April Rose is a Montana based trans lesbian writer and host of Not Safe For Wonks specializing in contemporary politics and the politics of media. Introduced to political activism by the 2016 Sanders campaign, she has since involved herself in local and national causes, from managing a City Council run to helping flip her state’s Senate.

She describes herself as an incomprehensible post-left synthesis anarchist. After being accepted into college two years early, she is now working towards a degree in History. She was inspired to found Not Safe For Wonks after connecting with supporters of Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson. In her free time, she watches movies and maintains a love-hate relationship with video games.

Brandyn Buchanan

Brandyn Buchanan is a host of Not Safe For Wonks whose interest in politics dates back to his youth when his grandmother involved him in Jim Webb’s unlikely campaign for US Senate.

In the years afterward, Brandyn helped local Democratic campaigns in his own state of Georgia while settling into a career as a freelance copywriter, helping local businesses create instructional videos and direct response copy.

He’s currently the membership secretary for Metro Atlanta DSA and hosts the Red Clay podcast, which shines a light on grassroots activism and organizing.

Kennedy Cooper

Kennedy Cooper is a host of Not Safe For Wonks. Kennedy has a long history of political activism and began protesting and organizing at a young age. Long before they could vote, Kennedy was organizing student protests against the Iraq war and other issues too important to wait to be an adult to solve.

Since then, Kennedy has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations and political causes especially in the areas of peace activism, sustainable agriculture and LGBTQ+ rights. Kennedy lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and works in independent media production and small-business development. When not ranting into a microphone you can often find them out hiking and camping in NM’s many mountain ranges.

Rachel Kahn

Rachel Kahn is a Georgia-born comedian, activist
and organizer. She hosts and produces Not Safe
Media’s Not Safe for Wonks, UNGIRL, and Gay
Space Communism.

She advocates for a holistic and community-oriented approach to grassroots politics. She believes the primary aims of the left should be to help our communities secure safe and high-quality housing, nutrition, education, and medical care; to provide every single human physical and economic stability and security; to abolish police and the prison industrial complex;
and to establish universal worker suffrage.

Right now she’s working on a paper about the relationship between media narrative and political action. Also, her dog knows how to do a spin-kick and loves long hikes.

Ren Fox

Ren Fox is the editor of Not Safe For Wonks, based in New York. They are involved with grassroots organizing and grassroots campaigns in their area. They have a Bachelor’s in Literature, and specialize in criticism and analysis of children’s literature.

Their future graduate studies will be focused on Information and Library Science. They describe themself as an eco-anarchist.

In their free time, Ren enjoys reading and playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Lao Tong

Lao Tong is a producer for Not Safe for Wonks based in Southern California. Lao has a Bachelor’s in philosophy and is particularly interested in political and theological theories of subjectivity.

They are currently a co-chair of DSA Ventura County. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lao has delivered food to fieldworkers across Ventura County and helped organize mutual aid networks.

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